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       Shannon Kavanagh QFA is hosting Financial Advice Webinars for Teachers & SNA's via Zoom                                                                       on Wednesday 1st June 2022

Protection Webinar - Wed 1st June 5pm - 5.30pm. 

AVC Webinar - Wed 1st June 5.45pm - 6.15pm

The protection webinar will discuss :
What are my sick pay entitlements?
Should I have salary protection?
How does salary protection work?
Where can I get it/ how do I apply?
What life cover do I have with work?
What about other types of life cover (mortgage protection, level term,
convertible term and serious illness cover)
Where can I get them/ how do I apply?
The AVC webinar will discuss :
How does my pension work?
What is an AVC (Additional Voluntary Contributions)
Should I pay into an AVC?
How can I draw it down at retirement?
Fund performance & charges
How do I set up AVCs?

Spaces are limited. 
To register for a presentation  - 
email shannon@expertadvice.ie (your name, phone number, school and presentation that you wish to register for). 

Following the presentation, participants are given the opportunity to set up an individual consultation.

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