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Speaker: Shannon Kavanagh is a Qualified Financial Advisor with PSRA running financial advice seminars for teachers in areas such as retirement, pensions, AVC's, notional service, buying back years, salary protection & life cover

PSRA is a leading firm of financial advisors who provide impartial financial advice and who have no allegiance to any bank, insurance company, or financial institution. They are experts in public sector pay and entitlements, in particular, the public sector pension and superannuation. PSRA is fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to ensure they deliver impartial advice.

The Online Financial Advice Seminars will discuss specific pension rules based on when you started teaching (Normal Retirement Age, Early Retirement/ Cost neutral early retirement, calculating your pension), making up for pension shortfalls (Notional Service/Referable Amounts, PCW Buyback, AVC’S). The presentation will also discuss salary protection and life cover.

The Online Retirement Seminar will discuss topics such as upcoming Pay Increases, Calculating your Pension and Lump sum, AVC’s , PCW buyback, Notional Service, Can you afford to retire?, Best options for your  tax-free lump sum in Retirement, Verifying Service and Completing Retirement Forms.

To register for a presentation, please follow the instructions below;

Presentation based on teaching start date

Pre 31st March 2004                                        Date    Mon 17th Jan  2022

                                                                              Time     5pm

How to Register      Email:  shannon@expertadvice.ie

1st April 2004– 31st Dec 2012                        Date  Mon 17th Jan  2022

                                                                              Time  6pm

How to Register      Email: shannon@expertadvice.ie 

1st Jan 2013+                                                     Date Mon 17th Jan  2022

                                                                              Time 7pm

How to Register       Email: shannon@expertadvice.ie


Retirement Seminar   (for those planning on retiring in the near future)

                                                                             Date Tues 18th Jan 2022

                                                                             Time 7pm 

Book through Limerick Education Centre



Retirement Seminar   (for those planning on retiring in the near future)

                                                                            Date Wed 19th Jan 2022

                                                                            Time 7pm


How to Register    Email: shannon@expertadvice.ie


Retirement Seminar     (for those planning on  retiring in the near future)

                                                                           Date Wed 16th Feb 2022

                                                                          Time 7pm

Book through Clare Education Centre


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